Motion Graphic Design

.01/ Melbourne Zoo

.02/ Production Scope

CLIENT: melbourne zoo
PROJECT: cinema commercial

CVP supplied the brilliant illustration for the WIld Sea exhibit and requested it be animated into a commercial that would be played in cinemas across Victoria.

As there were no illustrated animations, only single frames, I had to cut up each character and manually animate inside of After Effects.

The idea is that as a reporter, we're looking through a camera that's continually zooming in and out, searching for the 'star of the show' (hence the red carpet) - Bay the Seal!

The result is a sleek, fun looking cinema commercial. 

Design Requirements:

  • Conversion of 2D image into 3D space
  • 2D Animation and Motion Graphics
  • Text Animation
  • Design cut up
  • Sound Design

Motion Graphics  |  Graphic Design  |  Sound Design

After Effects  |  Photoshop  |  
Final Cut Pro

.03/ Still Frames