Motion Graphic Design

.01/ Graphic Design

.02/ Production Scope


Graphic design is another skill I have, however it's not my main career focus, that's why I've slapped every design under the one project, for now. This doesn't mean I will not take on design jobs, if you need something designed and like my style, I'd love to help you out!


  • Open Channel Rebranding
  • Aussie Yoga Branding
  • Black Cactus Branding
  • Dynamic Interiors Branding
  • LinkFox Branding
  • Westhill Landscaping Branding


  • Gypsy and the Cat
  • LTU Eagles
  • BTYC Spartans
  • Melton City Machine Guns


  • Flexi Flats Illustration
  • AASCF Event DVD Design
  • My Vision TV Brochures
  • Open Channel Brochures / Banners


You can also download digital folios of my work from my time at Green Rabbit:

Motion Graphics Digital Folio (PDF)

Graphic Design Digital Folio (PDF)

Web Design Digital Folio (PDF)

.03/ Still Frames